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Chai with.... Sadhu Singh Dharamsot, the Former Minister of Punjab

01 May 16

The former Minister of Punjab, Sadhu Singh Dharamsot, visited Phoenix recently and our very own Phoenix Scorpions Field Hockey Club endorsed an event in honor of his visit on April 24, 2016. Mr. Dharamsot is touring USA to support Captain Amarjinderr Singh’s leadership for elections in 2017. Asia Today was very pleased to meet Sadhu Singh Ji who had great messages around saving Punjab. He stated that Punjab is facing a crisis and only the right leadership will bring it back to its former glory. According to him, Congressman Amarinder is an ideal candidate that wants to concentrate on removing drugs from our youth and focus on Indian farmers and their needs. Punjab is and was known to provide food to the world and is now suffering due to poor leadership. He insisted that we have to support the farmers to eradicate water scarcity support and develop industries, all of which is only possible under a committed and dedicated leader like Captain Amrinder Singh. His final message to all NRI Punjabis is that don’t give us any money but save Punjab by giving Punjab the right leadership.

Asia Today is grateful to Phoenix Scorpions for continuing to organize events time after time that highlight hockey champions, leaders, and other influential people such as Sadhu Singh Dharamsot.