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Chai with... Mr. Khalid Malik

15 May 23

Welcome to Papa Locas

An authentic Mexican restaurant with a Halal twist!

Gilbert, AZ

"Life without Mexican food is like no life at all."

Guess what!!! An authentic Mexican Restaurant, Papa Locas, is now open in your town with a unique twist.

The restaurant is owned by Mr. Khalid Malik, an experienced entrepreneur in the restaurant industry for over 19 years.

Papa Locas is proud to be the first Mexican restaurant serving Halal food, specializing in authentic Tacos and Burgers.

Mr. Malik shared with the Asia Today team that he decided to open this Mexican restaurant to fulfill his daughter's dream as she has a deep passion for Mexican cuisine.

This certainly proves the famous saying that "A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart."

The Asia Today team wishes Mr. Khalid Malik and his family good luck in their new venture.

If you live in Arizona, come and enjoy mouth-watering, scrumptious tacos, burgers, quesadillas, and many more delicious dishes at Papa Locas, the one and only Mexican restaurant in town.

At Papa Locas, we carefully select the finest ingredients to create authentic Mexican flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

Our menu offers a variety of options to satisfy every craving, from traditional street-style tacos to juicy, handcrafted burgers.

Indulge in the rich and savory flavors of our signature dishes, prepared with love and passion by our talented chefs.

Whether you're dining in with friends and family or ordering takeout, our warm and inviting atmosphere will make you feel right at home.

Experience the fusion of Mexican and Halal cuisines like never before, and let your senses embark on a culinary journey at Papa Locas.

We take pride in delivering exceptional service and ensuring that each guest leaves with a smile of satisfaction.

Come and join us at Papa Locas, where Mexican traditions meet Halal excellence.