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01 Jun 20

Asia Today had the pleasure of speaking with Long Tran of Bespoke Insurance Solutions at Guru Palace restaurant in Mesa, Arizona.  
Bespoke Insurance Solutions is an independent property and casualty insurance agency headquartered in Chandler; servicing clients not just in Arizona but across the United States. They offer insurance products such as: general liability, commercial property, physician’s malpractice, workers compensation, commercial auto, professional liability, cyber, crime, directors and officers, personal auto, home, and umbrella.  They are not a captive agency such as a Farmers, Allstate, Statefarm, American Family or Geico so are able to offer products from multiple insurance carriers and not captive to just one carrier.  According to Long,  “Saving money on insurance is terrific but the reason why we pay for our insurance is for coverage in the event of a claim. Therefore, I only work with companies that are at least “A” AM BEST Rated to avoid unsatisfactory claims handling.”  A huge believer in diversity, their client portfolio is just as diverse as their staff.  They insure a vast array of clients including physicians, medical offices, trucking companies, custom home builders, construction companies, manufacturers, farms, restaurants, apartments, and commercial properties.
We asked Long what attracted him to the Insurance Industry and he replied: 
My parents are immigrants from Vietnam so I am a first generation Asian American. I think our readers in this newspaper can attest, being the oldest of three in an Asian household, the expectations were high. My parents expected me to become a doctor or a lawyer. I didn’t have a clear interest in a particular career at first, but I always wanted to help others and had an entrepreneurial mindset. When I first arrived at Arizona State University, I was actually studying pre-pharmacy to appease my parents. However, due to the guidance of my now wife (who is a pharmacist) and my mentors, I switched gears and studied business management at the WP Carey School of Business at ASU.  I began exploring different industries during my junior year to prepare for graduation. 
The choices available at the time were Intel or insurance. Insurance to a college student was certainly not a glamorous industry, but I researched the industry and found myself drawn to it. My mentors had recommended pursuing a career in an industry that was secure and in demand- Insurance was just that. 
We all cringe when we see our monthly insurance bill or insurance renewal but understand we have to pay for it nonetheless. If you drive a vehicle, own a home, or operate a business, insurance is a requirement and a necessity. 
Fast forward to today, I enjoy waking up every day knowing that I am able to work with business owners from all over the United States and other countries. I am passionate and excited to work with business owners. I love listening to business owners convey their passion about their business. My goal is to listen and provide coverage in all aspects of their personal and business life; so in the event a claim were to happen, they are covered, will not face financial ruin, and remain in business. 

Bespoke Differentiators
When asked about their biggest differentiators, Long was quick to cite peace of mind and service.  “Our priority is to provide you peace of mind so that your lifelong dream and/or family will be fully protected at the BEST value.”  Every client has their own unique exposures when it comes to insurance which is the reason behind the name.The definition of bespoke is made for a particular customer or user. 
They always start with a free initial personal consultation to understand client’s values, goals, and objectives and then shop the insurance market to ultimately provide a bespoke insurance program to the needs of the client at a competitive price. 
Price is always on every client’s mind and although they are confident they can help clients save money, it is the service side that really differentiates them. Have you paid too much for your recent audit or spent too much time on processing the audit? All of their clients have disclosed that they did not receive assistance from their prior agent or broker when it came to their workers compensation or general liability audits. Bespoke vows not to leave our clients at the mercy of insurance companies; “we are the insurance professionals, not you. We process the audits for our clients saving you time and money so you can focus on operating your business. This is a FREE service. You can count on us to successfully represent you and to ensure there won’t be any surprises on your or carriers end. We can even review previous audits and dispute on your behalf to recoup money that is rightfully yours.”
When it comes to Certificates of insurance, theye understand how important a certificate of insurance is for their client’s business. Clients typically pay $25-$50 per certificate of insurance or wait 24-48 hours before they are able to receive a certificate of insurance. Bespoke does not charge extra fees for certificates of insurance or additional insureds and you will receive your certificates of insurance by the end of the hour.  They also provide resources such as risk management solutions and mentor clients on the same to help prevent claims before they happen.  

 Has anything with the industry changed in the pandemic that could hurt or benefit me?  What is it and what should I look for?
As Long stated, “We don’t work for the insurance carriers. We work for you. I wish exclusions in our policies did not include pandemics regarding business interruption, but I have yet to find a single carrier that does not include pandemics as an exclusion.”  However, during the COVID19 outbreak, they proactively contacted clients to make adjustments on their policies accordingly. The goal was to reduce the overall cost for the business and do what they can to help the business stay afloat. Long stated “I even put on my business hat and was at the forefront of urging and helping our clients apply for SBA and PPP loans. If clients were in the restaurant business, we provided coverage that allowed them to do delivery. If clients had employees, we made changes on the workers compensation payroll. If client’s policies premiums are based off of sales, we made adjustments accordingly. If clients had trouble paying their premiums, we contacted the carrier to provide our client a break.”
In addition, as businesses have adjusted from working in offices to working from home, data breach and cyber liability claims has been on the rise. Is your business protected against cyber and data breach threats? Is your data server secure and security software up to date?   Does the policy you have in place have data breach and cyber liability coverage?  Right NOW is a cyber hacker’s dream and NOW is the time to be PROactive and not reactive. Pricing typically starts at $20 a month for coverage that can save you hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in the event of a claim.
What flexibility do you offer for clients whose needs may change on a frequent basis?
Bespoke understands businesses and households are ever changing and growing so communication and accessibility will never be an issue at their agency. From the top down, they are available and responsive so any adjustments or endorsements such as adding a vehicle or driver will be done instantaneously. 
They understand everyone is so busy these days and may not have insurance at the top of their priority list, therefore, they schedule quarterly reviews. Quarterly reviews with all clients allow them to stay up to date on their business and household. The quarterly reviews also allow them to strategize and implement a game plan for renewal. Their goal is to be ready with a plan in place before the current carrier sends out renewal (typically 60 days prior to your renewal). No one likes feeling rushed or making last minute decisions or purchases and at Bespoke Insurance Solutions, the goal is to provide multiple options for your review with plenty of time for a decision on your insurance renewal.
Any additional message to our readers?
Long’s final message to our readers was that insurance policies are pro-rated and you are able to cancel at any time. If we are able to earn the opportunity to provide you a more comprehensive and competitive insurance quote, we are able to issue the new policy and you will receive a pro-rated refund on your prior coverage. We don’t believe insurance has to be a cold, boring, impersonal experience. We want to build real relationships and tailor insurance coverage. We love working with people who value insurance and being covered properly while paying a competitive premium. We aim to have all of our clients assured they will always be treated with urgency and respect and their business or family’s future will be fully protected. 
Asia Today Thanks Long Tran for his time and wishes Bespoke Insurance Solutions all the best in their future endeavors.  For more information, please visit or call 480-382-4779.  You can also reach Long Tran at