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Chai With…Personal Trainer, Kevin Johnson of Da Gem Lyfe

01 Mar 18


This month, we had the pleasure of sitting down with a personal trainer that works with people all over Arizona to help them meet their health and weight loss goals.  Kevin Johnson is a passionate personal trainer, entrepreneur, and fitness fanatic.  Having been involved in sports all his life, Kevin played basketball, football, and pro boxing in Missouri while growing up.  After starting his career, people would see him in his fit condition and ask if they could work out with him.  During these years, he also noticed that people weren’t taking care of themselves, eating right, or working out and started helping them on the side.  One day, it hit him that this is where his passion was and he could turn this into a career.   At that point, he went and obtained his certification as a Personal Trainer.  


Entirely through word of mouth, his business which he named Da Gem Life grew and he started doing this part-time while working a full-time job.  The name Da Gem Life means that your body is a gem and you must work hard to keep it shining like a precious stone or diamond.  Initially, he started out specializing in full body workouts such as cardio, routines, losing weight, resistance training, etc.   When working with customers part-time, many would ask him if he was associated with a gym so he partnered with LA Fitness in Ahwatukee.   Based on his education in Personal Training and experience at LA Fitness, Kevin was now able to guide people on eating right, dieting, exercise routines, and much more. 


Having been doing this 10+ years, one thing KEvin has learned is that you cannot train everybody the same way.  You have to be able to modify things and train people on what they can do.   His differentiator is his flexibility and safety-first techniques.  He wants his customers to stay healthy so they keep coming back to the gym.  He can change and adapt his style to keep people involved and motivated in reaching their goals, as well as ensuring that he gives them what they want and need.   He has experience with working with people of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels – training young adults, coaching youth football, helping people with knee and back problems, etc.  Kevin’s long term goals are to be the best trainer in Arizona and he has unique ideas on how to cater to people that don’t have the time for exercising.  Currently, he goes all over the valley to assist people in their training goals.  You can work out with him at your own gym if you have a membership, at your apartment complex/home, in parks, and any other location that is convenient for you. 


Kevin’s final message to the readers is that Da Gem Lyfe is all about a way of life – you must make eating and living right a way of life to be successful.   If you want to live a healthy and long life, work out and stay conditioned keeping your body moving; Give 100% to your training, eating, and sleeping.  For more information or to set up a consultation, contact Kevin at 602-653-3205 or via email at You can also visit his Facebook page at  We wish Kevin the best in all his future endeavors.