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Chai with Seema Syed Zuberi of Event Architects… A Sneak Peek into the upcoming Wedding Experience

01 Jan 18

Bringing to the Valley of the Sun 25 years of international experience, Seema is debuting her first production in Arizona - The Wedding Experience at The Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch on January 20, 2018.   Presented by Event Architects, The Wedding Experience is a unique bridal show which will go away from the traditional bridal show consisting of rows filled with numerous vendors.   Instead, it will focus on being a visual experience with multiple stages where people can truly see exhibitors come together and display what their event can look like with their décor, services, and products instead of just showing a few isolated pieces.  Bringing together many seasoned, local vendors as well as designers from California, it will be an event filled with amazing entertainment, great food, and refreshing drinks.   It promises to be a unique production which is the product of 25 years of Seema’s experience in Hollywood, India, and Dubai where she has done events that will take your breath away. 

This will be her first production in Arizona in partnership with the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa and we are very excited to see what her international experience will bring to Arizona’s event management scene.   In order to receive free entry, free self-parking, and a free gift bag, make sure to register at by January 15, 2018.   Seema is very excited about the show and extremely grateful for all the love and support she has received in helping make this a success in Arizona.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Seema is the child of 1st generation immigrations from Uttar Pradesh, India.  With a background in Business Administration and Management, she spent most of her adult career life in Los Angeles working in all aspects of Hollywood production such as casting, music, production.  While working in casting at Warner Brothers, she had the opportunity to attend a lot of Hollywood events with great décor, props, and entertainment.  She did not have as much interest in casting as she did in the creativity that went behind these star-studded events.  At one such event, she was amazed at the type of event they were able to produce and realized that this is where her true passion and interest was. 

To pursue her passion, she pursued further studies at UCLA related to event management and as luck would have it, her teacher for one of those courses was a big Hollywood event producer who gave her an opportunity in Hollywood events production.  This is where she started gaining experience with star-studded movie premieres and glitzy and glamourous Hollywood events and fell in love with all the detail and creativity that went into creating them.  After gaining experience in Hollywood, she combined that experience with her love for her culture and started specializing in Indian Weddings up and down the West Coast in 2005.   After many years of success, Seema put her successful business in Beverly Hills on hold and headed to reconnect with her rots in India in 2007.  She spent 6 months travelling all over India learning more about the culture and later went to Dubai working as a Director at the Atlantis at the Palm Jumeirah.  After building her reputation and contacts there, she established her own event company and worked with many other large event companies to do projects such as royal weddings, corporate events, and much much more.  From 2008-2014, she travelled between Dubai and India working on events and wedding projects.  In Dubai, she met her husband, Kashif Zuberi, and they got married in Hyderabad in 2014.  After her wedding, Kashif and Seema both decided to settle in Arizona where her family and siblings were and moved back to the USA settling in Arizona in January, 2015.

With the opportunities she has had in Hollywood, Dubai, and India, she has a sense of how extravagant and creative events can be and wants to bring something really special to Arizona based on her vast array of experiences.   She has done many Indian weddings in Arizona and in Los Angeles since returning but now wants to transition from being a wedding planner to becoming a show producer and creating a unique platform for other vendors and new planners in the industry to showcase their talents.  Having been a Lead Planner for 25 years, she has a large network and loves connecting people and helping people discover new and exciting things.  She is passionate about bringing to Arizona what she has seen worldwide and connecting. vendors to the right clientele.  In addition to showcasing seasoned professionals, she is also passionate about showcasing creative individuals looking to establish their mark in the industry.   In order to accomplish this, she hopes to have an annual show in Arizona and possibly take it to other cities, as well as do smaller, intimate shows or mobile shows to bring to light the creativity of newcomers in the industry. 

Asia Today is grateful to Seema for her time and wishes Seema and Event Architects much success in all their future endeavors.  We are excited to see someone of her caliber and experience come to Arizona to shake up the special events industry in our hometown.  Visit for more info or email them at   And don’t’ miss the show on January 20, 2018!   With two times to suit you an Afternoon Showcase from 11AM-3PM and an evening showcase from 4PM-8PM, there is no excuse to miss this spectacular event!

Some images courtesy of Zohar Productions.